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Havyk is the highest dosed and most complete preworkout on the market today. From the energy, to the pump, to the incredible stamina… Nothing else comes close. You can rest assured that everything you need is in that one serving. No tricks, no gimmicks… just results.
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  • Explosive Energy!

  • Skin Splitting Pumps!

  • Endless Endurance!

  • Intense Focus!

  • Increased Strength!

Highest Dose of Any Preworkout on the Market!

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Weight 1.2125 lbs
Dimensions 4.82 × 4.82 × 5.04 in

10 reviews for Havyk Xtreme – Kiwi Strawberry

  1. William Dempsey

    Best preworkout I’ve ever tried. The pump is great. Has a very clean energy with no crash and feels like I can workout forever. I never want to leave the gym when I take havyk. And it tastes great too!

  2. Dwayne Plaisance Jr

    My favorite preworkout by far and i’ve tried them all. Tastes great, lots of energy, awesome pump, no jitters, and no side effects. I highly recommend giving this stuff a try, you won’t be disappointed!

  3. Doug R.

    The best preworkout on the market. The pumps are insane, great energy, no crash, no jitters. I recommend this to everyone that will listen to me. I have nothing bad to say about this product! Good stuff!!

  4. Michael Robert

    I have tried many pre work and post work in the past. And I have been using Havyk for close to a year now I find its the best out there as for as supplement goes. Has,a,great taste and gives the best pump without feeling all Jack up I spending$180 every other month at GMC on BCAA and for $40 I get it all in one one container that works better and last long. And I m a 58 year old make that in the best shape of my life thanks to havyk supplements

  5. Bill Dempsey

    Great product use it every time I work out gives me that extra drive I need to get in the gym

  6. Blake Comardelle

    This is by far the best preworkout I have ever taken. I spent 8 years jumping from preworkout to preworkout trying to find one that gave me the added strength and endurance to give 100% from my first set to my last set. I have set new PRs on all of my workouts since starting this product. Not only does Havyk give me strength and endurance it also gives me the most intense pumps any workout has ever given me. I want to thank the guys at Anarchy Performance Enhancement for creating this product.

  7. Jason M.

    This is one of the best preworkouts I’ve ever used. Keeps me focused and plenty of energy throughout my workout. It will give you the best pump out of any preworkouts you’ll tried before.

  8. Bruiser

    This a great pre-workout. It gives you a lot of energy and gives you a great pump. It also increase muscle endurance.

  9. Kyle Piehet

    This is a great pre-workout! It definitely gives you the pump to want to do more!

  10. Jay (verified owner)

    Love my Havyk pre-workout!! Best ever! Gives me great focus and intense energy with no jitters. Increases my workouts like nothing I’ve ever tried. Gained muscle and lost fat after 2wks on Havyk. I only take one scoop, I’m on my third order now.

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