“Anarchy Performance Enhancement was born from the idea that you should get what you pay for. We were tired of all the overpriced, underdosed crap being peddled by the major supplement brands. We set out to create supplements that contain everything you need, and nothing you don’t.”

This all started by accident…

One day after a workout, we were sitting around talking about our supplements, and how we weren’t getting what we wanted from them. We were tired of paying top dollar for these supplements that hardly had any effect on us, and then having to buy more supplements on top of that to get the daily requirements for certain supplements, such as creatine. We knew we were getting ripped off, so we decided to start looking into studies on these ingredients. We wanted to know which ones worked and which ones had actual research backing them up. We also wanted to know what the optimal doses were for these ingredients.

The results we found were pretty shocking. According to studies, more than half of the ingredients in most of the popoular preworkouts had little to no effect at all. Its as if these companies just threw them in as fillers. Not only that, but the ingredients that actually had research backing them, were so underdosed that you would have to take 3-4 servings to actuall have any effect.

It was at this point that we decided to start making our own. We started buying the ingredients that worked and putting them together in the amounts that were recommended by science. Our first attempts weren’t very successful and they tasted like crap. It took us months of trial and error, but we finally came up with a formula we could be proud of. One that would give us a clean sustained energy, a great pump, great focus, added strength, great endurance, and had a great taste. But we didnt stop there. We wanted more than just the immediate effects. We created a supplement that over time would help us add mass, strength, power, help burn fat, and even sharpen your mind and help you think quicker.

Enter Havyk…

“Havyk is the most complete preworkout on the market. From the energy, to the pump, to the incredible stamina… nothing else comes close. You can rest assured that everything you need is in that one serving. No tricks, no gimmicks, just results.”

In the beginning, we were only making this for ourselves. It was never meant to become a business. But after letting a few people try it, everyone had the same reaction… it was the best preworkout they had every tried.  Word of mouth began to spread and everyone was asking for it. That’s when we saw the hole in the market and knew we needed to fill it. That’s when Anarchy Performance Enhancement was born.

We have since grown and added more supplements to our line, but we have always stuck to our ideals. We will never sell anything that we believe is anything short of the best. We will always use research backed ingredients in our supplements and will never add any fillers. You can rest assured that when you purchase a product from us, it will be nothing short of the best.

“We will never settle for average. We are Anarchy Performance Enhancement. And we make our own rules.”



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